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(At least 6 – 12 months ahead for major shoots – scroll down for major shoots already booked)

Video: 2017 EPIC-Advance Dog Sports Extravaganza hosted by Dogs ACT, studio take down

Video: “A Day On The Podium” – 2014 Royal Adelaide Show, by Scott Washington



Adelaide Plains K & O Club Shows, Dec 2017

SA Buckskin Association Show, Dec 2017

2018:  Plus several major interstate shoots (pending), yet to be listed

Naracoorte KC Shows – Feb 2018

Bundaberg Kennel Club International Cluster of Shows, Easter 2018

Adelaide Plains K & O Club, Apr 2018

Adelaide Cat Club, Apr 2018

Wedding – Atherton Turf Club (FNQ), April 2018

Cat Fancier’s Society Show, May 2018

Labrador National (NSW), May 2018 (assisted by Shirley Rolfe, of Supashots – NZ)

Toy Club of SA Champ Shows, May 2018

Dogs SA Winter International Shows, Jun 2018

Gundog Club of SA Champ Show, Jun 2018

Golden Retriever Club of SA – Retrieving Trial for Gundogs, Jun 2018

EPIC-Advance Dog Sports Spectacular, hosted by Dogs ACT, Jul 2018

Weimaraner Club of SA – Open and Champ Shows, Jul 2018

Newfoundland Club of SA Champ Show, Jul 2018

Golden Retriever Club of SA Champ Show, Aug 2018

Royal Adelaide Show – Sep 2018

Adelaide Hills KC Shows, Oct 2018

Adelaide Plains KC Shows, Dec 2018


Bearded Collie Club of Vic, 40th Year Anniversary Show, Nov 2019


7th Australian Weimaraner National, Sydney, May 2020


We aim to cover as many exhibits as possible during judging but if you have any special requests it’s important that you advise your nearest ring photographer before you enter the ring and we’ll do our best.  Unfortunately, ring shots cannot be guaranteed (due to variables out of our control) and photos that we consider unflattering will not make the final cut.  To be guaranteed a photo you will need to either request a candid from your nearest ring photographer or come over to the podium.  ALL EXHIBITORS ARE WELCOME AT THE PODIUM (win or lose) but winners will take priority at busy times.

If you have won a major prize, you will be required to stay on the day for photos for the official records (sometimes it is a condition of entry). Please ensure you check and confirm you that are happy with your photo before leaving the podium area because you know the exhibit the best and the major winner photos will be submitted by us for publication.  

Finally, the editing process takes time and for large shows it can be several weeks.  We don’t generally edit on site due to time and internet constraints.  The photos will go onto to our official websites as the first priority and then links will be posted on social media.

We look forward to capturing your special moments, if you’re entered we’ll see you there 🙂

NB:   Don’t  ASS  U  ME   It is very rare for us to be paid for these gigs (in some cases we have to pay for the right to be the official photographers in addition to the sponsorship we provide).  Our primary role is to photograph the winners, provide media for the officiating body and upload the ‘keeper’ photos to our official, independent websites for exhibitors to purchase.  We are not required to document every single exhibit.  We are not required to be members of, or post winner photos to social media as part of our contractual obligations. We aim to please and to be fair in our coverage of as many exhibits as possible but inevitably, due to attrition, there will be more photos of the winning exhibits than those that didn’t show well and/or are eliminated in the first round.  Often the contract requires us to shoot other events after the actual show has concluded.  Then we have to allow travel time.  We always strive to process your photos ASAP.  We are the Aust leaders in our field because of our professionalism, coverage, processing speed and quality of immediately usable photos which can be purchased and downloaded straight from the website.

Exclusivity:  At shows where we have exclusivity, the officiating body/organisation cannot permit any other photography which has a commercial outcome (including posting large numbers of photos on social media for self promotion) and in no circumstances will photography by other than officially recognised persons be allowed in the rings and/or assembly areas associated with them.

T H E   F O C U S   O N   Q U A L I T Y  ……..

We like to protect our brand, so our photos are edited prior to upload (which involves straightening horizons, lighting adjustments, cropping and minor tweaks but no changes to the exhibits themselves) and sold on a limited licence as user friendly .jpeg files.  This process can take time but is worth the wait. The finished photos can then be bought, downloaded and used immediately.  There is no waiting for photos to be emailed unless you have special requests i.e. cropping. …….. Enjoy!


Studio sessions are held throughout the year at designated cat and dog shows, usually booked at least 6 – 12 months in advance.

Callout/session fees are not normally charged for larger/all breeds shows/events in the Adelaide metro area and sponsorship is usually offered as part of the package.

Callout fees and charges for country/interstate shoots to be negotiated at time of booking. Sponsorship is usually offered as part of the package.

We have a portable podium (available in either 1 x1 metre or 2 x .5 metre configurations) and 6 metre wide backdrops, suitable for Royals, Nationals and larger studio shoots.

Private studio sessions are available including newborn, family and portrait shoots.  The callout/setup fee is dependent on the session required and location, POA.

Photos are not included as part of the callout/session fee.  Photos can be purchased after the shoot straight from the website when they have been screened, edited and uploaded.