Our Photography Team


Business Logo Image, Ellen, 9yrs.

     Madeleine, helping out at a major shoot

The photographers listed below work as part of our team as the need arises.  All are professional photographers with registered businesses, public liability insurance and fully automated websites.

 Scott Washington – PawtraitureAs well as having a successful wine marketing business of his own, Scott sometimes squeezes time to help us with some of our major shoots and business advice.

Di Pudney – Di Pudney Photography


Hard working and dedicated Di assists us with many of our major shoots including Nationals and the dog section of the Royal Adelaide Show.

Janice de Gennaro – Shadows Farm Photography

Janice has extensive experience with equestrian (campdraft, barrell racing, eventing, showing), canine (agility, sheep dog trialling), studio photography and has recently branched into photographing dog shows.  She is well qualified (Cert IV in Photoimaging) and equipped to take on whatever challenge comes her way. We are very excited to have Janice on-board with her range of talents and experience.

Verity Adams – HPR Photography

Verity has progressed from showing her Longhaired Weimaraner to a budding dog photographer with great natural talent.  She will be working with us on some of our shoots and in turn I will be assisting her on some of her major shoots in Melbourne.

Shirley Rolfe of Supashots (New Zealand)

Shirley is about to bolster our team as part of an international alliance.  She will be assisting us on some of our major shoots along the eastern (Aust) seaboard. Shirley has decades of knowledge and experience in both dog showing and dog showing photography and we are honoured and very grateful to have her on board. Welcome to the team Shirley!

Helen Roberts – Helen Roberts Photography


Helen assists when she can with shooting and as a mentor.  She has a busy schedule with her own business and Heartfelt work.  Helen is admired and respected for her dedication to a worthy cause. (SA Heartfelt Co-Ordinator)  –  Heartfelt SA

Kerri Afford often assists with our major shoots, previously with the photography but now at the podium as an extra pair of hands and keeping the dogs occupied and entertained.

Many thanks also go to her ever patient husband James, my IT guru (Geeks on Call – Williamstown). 150125-3011

James Afford

Kyra Ricketts assists with the ring photography on some of our bigger shoots as Photographer’s Assistant.


Kyra was raised in the world of photography and dog breeding and showing but she is looking to hone her photographic skills with further training and experience.  Welcome on-board Kyra

Last but not least, thanks to my dedicated and loyal daughters & assistants Ellen and Madeleine who take time out of their busy work and study schedules to help out.