Thank you so much to all the people who have given their generous feedback via emails, messages and social media.  It is very much appreciated.

Di Collins, 7/10/17

Thanks Ingrid you nailed it in one lol

Julie Cartledge, 11/9/17

Hi Ingrid could please email the group placing photo to John Bryson at Dog News by this evening. I would like to do a full page advert with this photo in the September Issue. Thank you for taking memorable photos of our Skyes. Thanks and kind Regards

Julie Cartledge

Natasha Clark, 6/9/17

Thanks so much for taking such fantastic photos

Melanie McDermott, 2/9/17

As usual THANK YOU. We love our group photo each year at the Royal with you. Mel

Kristina Pastiu, 28/8/17

Thank you so much for the great photos!  I look forward to seeing you next year and getting some more amazing photos!

Carolyn Dunstan, 28/8/17

Those photos are truly brilliant!!!! Thank you a million for helping our little business.  I am sure they will look awesome on display in Melb.

Carolyn Dunstan, Coopers Collars, www.cooperscollars.com.au

Opaishah Callery, 25/8/17

Message sent!  You are fabulous photographers! I highly recommend you guys, so friendly, excellent quality and fairly cheap for the quality !!
Look forward to seeing you’s at the royal xx

Yvonne Meintjes, 23/8/17

Hi Ingrid! Finally managed to download pics from 2016 many thanks but THANKYOU for the AWESOME pic of our BOB Shiba Taiyou. It is EXACTLY how they should be photographed with their heads down showing cheeks, crest and triangular eyes on a three quarter stack showing muscled forequarters and tailset.. many thanks for this. Once I purchase when I get paid, I will forward to his breeder in Japan 🇯🇵 regards Yvonne Meintjes

Lynda Campbell, 22/8/17

With thanks, just love you work 🙂 Lynda

Gayle Jarvis, 22/8/17

Wally and I say thank you.

Kerrie Noble, 22/8/17

Lovely pictures!!! Thank you very much

John Bryson, Editor, Dog News Australia, 21/8/17

Thanks Ingrid,

You are the epitome of efficiency as always.

Cheers, John

Debbie Daly, 21/8/17

Thanks for the super images of Rachel Roger Rosie and myself

Lynda Campbell, 21/817

Love the photos, thank you 🙂

Tania McAllister, 16/8/17

Thank you ever so much for taking the photos of my schipperkes when I couldn’t be there.

Simon Mills, President – Dogs ACT, 20/0717


I would like to personally thank you along with DOGS ACT for you and your team’s involvement with the EPIC – Advance dog shows. The professionalism you and your team showed was amazing. The feedback we received for the exhibitors about your service is always in the positive. The partnership we have formed over the last couple years is one we hope to continue in the future and definitely for 2018, if you will come!!

Simon Mills

Jenny Williams, 13/7/17

THANK YOU I love it!!!!!!!

Going to buy the others now.

Pug Hugs


Shannon Lancaster, 12/7/17  

Thank you for the lovely pics of my dogs from Friday. Paid n downloaded. Cheers Shannon

Gaela Russell, 15/6/17

Ingrid is the best in this field!! Love her work!

Dianne Thomas, 7/6/17

Thank you once again. Very quick to get all that done 🙂

Kerryn Buckley, 6/6/16

Thank you for taking such fantastic photos Ingrid and team.

Bronwen Wills, 4/6/17

Thank you so much for these beautiful pictures of my myself and my wonderful team mate.

Tash Greig Turner, 25/5/17: Totally agree!! <3

Julie Angwin, 25/5/17:  The photo’s were beautiful. Ingrid Matschke Looked after us and made sure we were happy with each photo and was very professional and courteous to us all! THANKYOU, Ingrid Matschke.

Linda Butler, 25/5/17:  Ingrid did a wonderful job

Pip Simmons, 25/5/17:  Totally agree.

Lisa Hope, 24/5/17:  Just loving seeing all the photos coming through, will hopefully get a chance to looked at the website over the weekend – Wonderful job Ingrid and well said Narelle

Lee Petering, 24/5/17:  Agree! Amazing coverage and pics Ingrid Matschke 💖

Jaime Grech, 24/5/17:  Yes I’m a little poor also but have loved seeing everyone’s photos 🙂 It’s so much work not just on the days but all the editing afterwards, you’ve done a super job!! x

Narelle Green, 24/5/17:  Whilst everyone is buying and sharing their Wei National photos I have to commend Ingrid Matschke for an unbelievable job, the photos are terrific and I say this with a gallery of 11 alone of Tyler in his class so no one can say the coverage was not good!!! Also the fact that you had them available so quickly is quite invaluable to those of us keen to see them.

Linda Rand, 23.5.17

You’re such a professional. Thank you

Jeanene Short, 22.5.17

Thanks for all your hard work.

Arun Kumar Vaddi, India, 22.5.17

Could I join as your intern, please..?

Karyn Young, 22.5.17

Congratulations on a wonderful job at the National such amazing shots that I have seen so far. You’re amazing
Kindest regards
Karyn xx

Regina De Silva, 20.5.17

Awesome Ingrid Matschke xx thank you 😊

Sue Norbury, 20.5.17

Awesome job Ingrid Matschke!

Julie Rumsey, 20.5.17

Fabulous photos Ingrid

Lois Richter, 20.5.17

Fantastic job Ingrid. Podium looked great.

Louise Biczo, 20.5.17

Above & beyond Ingrid Matschke !!

Narelle Green, 19.5.17

I love that photo of Tyler you used for the gallery when I saw it I told the girls right away…definitely buying that one

Thanks you did a great job and its wonderful to have them all available so quickly!

Stephanie Rickard, 19.5.17

Congratulations Ingrid on an amazing job Ingrid 👍🏼

Narelle Green, 19.5.17

So many stunning photos of Tyler ❤️❤️

Ari Karppa, 19.5.17

Love the all photos of our dogs Esp the Sire team Great work

Sharon Sabbatini, 19.5.17

I had tears of pride and joy for our wonderful breed whilst viewing Friday’s pic. Ingrid, you are AWESOME XOXO

Luke Mulder, 19.5.17

Great photos from a great photographer. You captured the national the way we all witnessed it. Fantastic.

Pip Simmons, 19.5.17

You have done a wonderful job to catch all the special moments. Photos are brilliant.

Stephanie Walton, 19.5.17

❤️ What a perfect photo of an amazing moment!

Carol Wright, 19.5.17

What a great photographer you are. Always happy, easy to please & lots of fun. I haven’t seen the pics yet but I am sure they will be wonderful.

Ang Lea, 18.5.17

What a truly gorgeous shot…. perfect composition, bang on time! Well done to the photographer and the winning pair!

Debbie Clarkson, 18.5.17

I’m going to have to get a night job packing shelves at Woolies as soooooo many wonderful photos!!! Thank you Ingrid Matschke – you and Madeline did a super job!

Cathy Wood, 18.5.17

Great photo! You nailed it Team Waldwiese, all getting into the photo. Ingrid captured the moment beautifully.

Lee Petering, 17.5.17

Amazing Ingrid Matschke 😀😀😀

Jackie Price, 17.5.17

Great action shots of performance dogs check them out

Ann E Knight, 17.5.17

I had a look earlier, some fabulous photos of performance dogs, well done Ingrid.

Elizabeth Harding, Author: Searching for Silver Grey, 16.5.17

Fabulous photo Ingrid, in the file for the next book please.

Deborah Chandler, 16.5.17

OMG, I’m going to want to spend a fortune!

Astrid Mooney, 16.5.17

Some lovely photos of Misty watching the big kids. Great photos Ingrid Matschke, love them all.

Sue Norbury, 16.5.17

You were awesome Ingrid, so pleasant all weekend and you obviously enjoyed it x

Suzanne Thompson, 16.5.17

Performance Photos! amazing

Gaye Todd, 16.5.17

So lovely to see you and your gorgeous daughter with smiles from first thing in the morning to very late in the afternoon. So helpful and obliging. Also happy you have a quiet dog who doesn’t bark at night😉

Suzanne Thompson, Wei Club of Vic, 15.5.17

I can’t wait to see them, disappointed i didn’t get to get a picture with Fall winner best junior, I was too busy 🙁 sure there will be some fabulous ring shots.. Thanks to you both such a pleasure to have you and so helpful and noting too much trouble xx

Bev Chapman, 10.5.17

Just want to thank you for the fantastic range of photos
Most appreciated

Mel Jones, 29/4/17

Thanks again for taking quality pics of our hounds!! Love Mel x

Shontelle Davies, 18/4/17

Hi Ingrid, those photos! Wow, just wow! Thank you so much

DeArne Cavaiuolo, 18/4/17

Hi Ingrid,

Just wanted to thankyou for the wonderful pics you took of my little girl getting her puppy in show and the ones of her in the ring they are lovely. Thankyou

Kind regards,


Jess Breen, 17/4/17

Omg I love the photos you took of max they are gorgeous.  I love the photo you got of max right beside me & both looking at you.

Kylie Tilley, 16/3/17

The colours of my suits look GREAT in the night shots as well, really really pleased with all of the photos, thanks heaps for your patience, they are not easy guys to take photos of!

Melissa Crisa, 14/3/17

Thanks so much great pic, love it 🙂

Christine Hayes, 13/3/17

Thanks for your pro photography.

Jessie Hughes, 15/2/17

Wow, that’s fantastic !!!

Thanks a lot.

Brittany Farrell, 6/2/17

Ahh Love it thank you so much !!!!

Joe and Lina Aranyos, 8/2/17

Thank you Ingrid for the fantastic photos.  Pity she didn’t win group.

Hugh Mortimer, Chrysler Club of SA, 15/12/16


I would like to pass on my appreciation of the Xmas cruise video. It’s top class, definitely of a professional standard. One small matter though. I think you need to do something about your camera lenses as every time I saw myself I looked fat.  LOL 

Also, would it be possible to get a copy I could save to a USB stick. I’d really like to watch the video on my TV.

Have a great Xmas & love to you all from me & mine


Lucy Schofield, 17/11/16

A couple of the prints are Xmas presents Ingrid, so would appreciate them in time. GREAT pics as usual, thank you,


Julieanne Lalor, 25/10/16

Hi Ingrid

No worries…I just went ahead and purchased the shots I wanted.

Consider the voucher a ‘donation’ back to you!!!

The shots you took of my little girl out the back were awesome – I love them 😊 (BTW she just went BIG and puppy in show at Hobart Royal!!)

Thanks again for being such a talented photographer!



Lyn Roberts,10/10/16

Thanks Ingrid, the only photos I have of me showing Zeva, very happy. Lyn

Mari Lowden, 27/9/16

Hi Ingrid, I loved your photos of the Bay to Birdwood cars, in one of the cars was my daughter and her partner all dressed up for the occasion, they were in the white 1922 SX Racer. Thank you so much great photos. xxx

Mel Jones, 24/9/16

Thank you Ingrid…you are bloody amazing!!! Love how speedy you are at getting these to us!\r\nLove Mel xx

Jan West 19/9/16

Many thanks for the great shots – love them!

Michele Lincoln, 14/9/16

Would you be able to crop the photos a bit please…..so more focus on the dog. thanks, Love your photos, they are fabulous!

Jacqui Heynen 13/9/16

Thank you Ingrid, I love this shot x

Belinda Petrowsky, 12/9/16

love it .. Thank you so much

Deb Bartholomew, 9/9/16

Thank you for your patience with taking the photo of Billy-Rae.

Regards Deb

Miriam Ahrens, 7/9/16

Thank you for your lovely friendly service.

Cheers Miriam

Sue Bruce, 29/8/16

Thank you Ingrid I really appreciate everything you did during the entire show and of course afterwards also.

Debra Randall, 26.8.16

Thanks for that……………..appreciate all you have done…………Deb


Debra Randall

Jane Wistuba, 25.8.16

I love the photos, thank you so much.

Julie Hall, 24.8.16

Thanks for that Ingrid! Love your photos, I got another one last night and still have my eye on another 🙂


David and Patti Lawrence, 19.8.16

Thankyou Ingrid,

I really appreciate you fixing my photo, I hope this one goes into the magazine

It was so lovely of you to help me out



Debbie Daly, 17.8.16

Good Afternoon Ingrid

Just a quick email to thank you personally for the lovely photos that you took of Roger (the black and tan dachshund)  on the Monday of the Ekka.

Just love them

Thanks again

Debbie Daly

Lainie Knox, 17/8/16

Lovely photos Ingrid! You certainly have artistic talent! Thank you.


Krisi Murphy, 16/8/16

Thanks Ingrid – you made it happen and it\’s magic. Cheers!

Annie Perets, 12.8.16

Oh my… those have to be some of the cutest photos I have ever seen!!!

Thank you so much for sending them through, they are of exceptional quality too.


Annie Perets
T +61 7 4120 1016 | M +61 438 665 939
email hidden; JavaScript is required

Noelene Jordan, 2.8.16

Hi Ingrid,

Love it! Thanks so much. Have placed my order now.

Best wishes


Simon Mills, President – Dogs ACT, 20/7/16:

Thank you Ingrid for the professional way you showcased the Advance International Dog Show hosted by DOGS ACT. I believe your team covered all dogs sports in four locations on the grounds, the grooming competition, the prestige night of nights, the Advance breeders of distinction, the official opening and the conformation show, with a huge amount of podium shots and last but not least the numerous candid shots around the rings. You were chosen for your professionalism in taking canine photos. It goes further than that, your engagement with the exhibitors, the judges and officials made it memorable weekend for all. Thank you Ingrid and team for an amazing professional display you guys made the Advance International weekend into an EVENT!!   See you in 2017!!

Jenifer Nichols, 11/7/16

Thanks Ingrid, what fabulous shots!

Amanda Hayes, 26/6/16

Thanks so much Ingrid – I love these shots. It\’s both kids (Indi and Bobby) last National most likely, unless I can manage to drag Indi out to the NSW one in two years. So they will make fantastic memories. Thankyou!!!

Claire Rogers, 24/6/16

Thanks Ingrid. Love those pictures of him. I sent a copy to Joy McInnes who owns his mum and actually had the litter and Kevin Munro who owns his dad. Was great having you to stay and really enjoyed your company. We will catch up either in SA or Melbourne again. You are a very talented photographer.

Best wishes, Claire

Bev Jones, 24/6/16

Fantastic. Thank you so much!!!

Bev Jones

Shelley Thompson, 24/6/16

Hi Ingrid,

Thankyou so much for looking into it for me, I was able to go straight in to it today.

Thankyou for the fantastic photos you took of my Labs, we love them!!



Sylvia Power, 24.6.16

Thank you very much – great photos 🙂



Wendy Sullivan, 24/6/16

Thanks heaps Ingrid – lovely pic.

Colleen Ritchard, 23/6/16

HI Ingrid – an excellent job on the Labrador national photos – the best I have seen yet from an Aussie photographer.

Tammy McClelland, 22/6/16

Hi Ingrid,

Thanks for the quick reply – sorry to hassle you when you are busy.

Tammy 🙂

Lyn Harrison, 8/6/16


Thanks so much Ingrid and how good are the two you’ve got up now  :o)  xxx

Both are gorgeous photos……….

Will show hubby tonight and then let you know tomorrow….

One again thanks soooooooooooooooo much.



Jacqui Walloscheck, 6/6/16

Love love love this pic – you rock!  I grid just wanted to say a huge thank you for this pic of Betty. It’s amazing. You are a rockstar. We are lucky to have you.

Hollie Clarke, 5/6/16

Love your work Ms Ingrid xoxoxoxxo

Your effort and attention to detail is absolutely apprieiciated

Ben Luxton, 3/6/16

Great work Ingrid getting the shots up so quickly. Very much appreciated. 🙂

Fran Rose, 6/4/16

Absolutely stunning. Many thanks your bloods worth bottling.💐😘💞

Peggy Harris, 15/2/16

Thank you Ingrid  it is great  you have done a fabulous  job  just wanted a shot of him on his own  to frame  thanks again

Rebecca Lamb, 11/2/16

The very talented Ingrid Matschke always lingers in the background and comes through with the goods.

Claire Heuillet, Royal Canin, 11/2/16

Thank you very much for sharing this video Lesley.  This is great. She did a very good job indeed.

I wish you a good day.



Claire Heuillet

PRO Business, Pro Assistant Manager Australia & New Zealand

Royal Canin Australia

Lesley Mackness, Secretary, Adelaide Hills KC, 10/2/16

Well done Ingrid You certainly come up not only with excellent photos but ideas as well. This video has just gone around the world to all of our judges, along with your photos. 10 out of 10 girl.


Sarah Baker, 8/2/16

Many thanks for all your trouble, I love it!


Sheryle Pike, 6/2/16

Thank you Ingrid

they look great

cheers Sheryle

Lynn Harrison, 5/2/16

Thank you soooooooooooooooo much, is very much appreciated.



Michael Camac, 5/2/16

Thank you so much Ingrid it looks fantastic



Paula Wachtel 1/2/16

Thanks Ingrid, they are lovely

Susi Koenecke, 1/2/16

Nice one thankyou u ur the  best regards susi

Julie Ross, 1/2/16

Thank you so much Ingrid, very much appreciated.

Will go through the other shots and let you know the ones we want.

Kerry McKay, 1/2/16

Thank you so much they are lovely you take some wonderful photos

Sue Nelder, 31/1/16

Hi Ingrid

Fabulous photo of one of my little youngsters!!  Love your work

Cheers Sue

Gaela Whyte, 23/1/16

Thanks Ingrid

You’re a superstar!

Great photos and very pleased.

I certainly will be continuing to tell everyone how great you are!  You know how much I love your work!


Carol Maciver, 22/11/15

Hi All

Thank for pictures, my order arrived safely.

Thank you for your prompt attention,



Mike Macbeth, 19/10/15

Thanks so very much Ingrid ….  Most appreciated!  I live in the country so downloading print quality photos of 2 – 3 MB are difficult for me in any case, so grateful you’re sending them directly to my editor.

Warmest regards, and thank you so much again,


Lynn Harrison, 9/10/15

Many thanks Ingrid,

Hadnt downloaded them, have been away, so thanks sooooooooooooo much for doing for me.

Best Regards


Marina Cornaglia, 6/10/15

Hello Ingrid,

I’m SO SORRY for the late reply. I was off at shows and I wanted to properly thank you for your kindness. Thank you very much. I hope I will see more of your excellent work in future.

Have a nice day!


Julie Burbridge, 24/9/15

Thanks Ingrid love the photos, I just want to hug you, these pics mean so much, so nice to see my dogs looking so good    Cheers Julie xxxx

Greg and Robyn Parker, 23/9/15

Thank You Ingrid! Its a good shot of her. 🙂

Barbara Martin, 23/9/15

Hi Ingrid,

Thanks SO much for this photo.  It means a lot to me because it shows just how close Woody and I became during the 16 months he has spent here with me.

I’ve just arrived home after picking him up from Dogtainers where he’s spent the day so he could go for his vet check etc. An early start tomorrow morning will see us at Qantas Freight, Adelaide Airport by 7.30, saying our final goodbyes before he’s sealed into the wooden crate he came over here in, for the flight to Sydney and then on to Dubai and Heathrow.

Rest assured, he will receive an extra cuddle on your behalf… afterall, you’re the one who has taken my favourite Woody photos, especially that glorious head study in Melbourne last June.

Thanks again,

Barb x

Anthony Kelly, International All Breeds Judge, 22/9/15


Anthony Kelly here from Ireland one of the three Judges at the above Show.  You might recall I asked if you could send me some photographs you took at the Show for ‘Our Dogs’.  I would like the Best in Show, Reserve Best in Show photograph with Ann Ingram and me, the David Roche Memorial Trophy and the photograph of me at your photo booth.  I will ensure that your name appears as photographer below the photographs.  I did look at your website with the photographs you posted and they are first class well done.

I await hearing from you and thank you in advance for agreeing to send the photographs.   

Kind Regards
Anthony Kelly


Gail and Nick, 22/9/15

Thank you so much Ingrid,much appreciated.   Cheers Nick

Dianne Harrison, 19/9/15

Hi Ingrid,

Thank you you have done a great job with pictures and pressure of dog people and there dogs and great patience.

Job well done.



Pam Whetnall, Dog and Cat Management Board, 16/9/15

Hi Ingrid

Thanks for the photos they are great.  It was really good to be able to have the professional shots taken and we will certainly do the same next year.

Kind regards


Pam Whetnall

Project Officer | Dog and Cat Management Board

Jeni Sach, 16/9/15

Thanks for the great work you and your team did at the Royal. There are some great pics!

Linda Beer (Deveron Gordon Setters), 16/9/15

You are a star!!

Pam Dunlop, 16/9/15

Thanks Ingrid, the photo is lovely!

Lana Flower, 15/9/15

Hey there, you are a bloody champion 🙂

I have found the pics and will sort out purchase as soon as I wrestle my credit card back off my husband LOL

Thanks heaps for all your time.


Lana Flower.

Kay (Dandie Dinmont Terriers), 15/9/15

Thanks a lot Ingrid,have since placed an order for Hamish’s photo,it seemed to go though this time.Really appreciate you taking time to answer my email know how busy you must be ,thanks again.Kay.

Luke Kavanagh, 15/9/15

Thank you so much for the BOB photo, I just downloaded it & LOVE IT

Jess Breen, 14/915

Hey ingrid looking forward to seeing all the ring shots you got yesterday & Saturday 5th but all the photos you took are lovely

Clare Tyler, 14/9/15

Thank you for the incredible job you did this past week 🙂  I do not know how you put up with some of them. You are an incredibly patient perrson and I am grateful of the work you and the rest of your photgraphers put in!!! 🙂 Take care and get some rest.Give your daughter my love because i think shes a great kid with the right attitude towards life! 🙂  xxx

Shellie Marshall, 14/9/15

Thanks so much again for making my win so special. Can you send me your bank details.

Helen Chen, 14/9/15

Thank you so much for taking awesome photos of my Samoyeds Ingrid, specially the crazy one lol looking forward to see the ring shots and group ones

Julie Ross, 14/9/15

Hi Ingrid,

Thank you for doing such a wonderful job at the Royal, you take just the best photos, you are so professional and just a lovely person to top it off. We would like to purchase two photos of Fernando and that lovely photo of our Saint Zlatans, don’t know the number as yet as not up but I think you know the ones. So thrilled with the photos…you’re the best.

xxxKate Dekker, 10/9/15

Hello!! I was wondering if we want to buy photos from the royal adelaide that you took how do we go about that? They are amazing

Margaret Wedgewood, 9/9/15

Ingrid we are going to use this for an ad in the October Journal as what I have will not reproduce. Many thanks Margaret

Miriam Ahrens, 9/9/15

Thank you very much lovely photos

Kylie Tilley, 9/9/15

Hi Ingrid, just thought I’d say how much I appreciated your time and patience with the chi’s!!! The photos are AMAZING!!!!!

Vicki Bridle, 9/9/15

Hi luv, thanx for lovely, pic, hopefully could u possibly get, another candid of him on Zaira’s lap Sun morn, b4 u get busy, kind regards Vicki

Tanya Beavis, 8/9/15

Hi Ingrid,
Thankyou so much for the lovely pictures that you took of Locky and Guy on Sunday after the State Final.

Peter Martin, 7/9/15

Hi Ingrid Fabulous pictures our Irish I will go and buy them online now will they be emailed to us or posted)))

Krisi Murphy, 7/9/15

I absolutely love that Trixi is the feature dog on the Gallery for 14th August. I have also been getting a lot of comments around the show ring from people who have seen her photo. Thanks so much, I simply love it.

Helen Jones, Dizzyki Curly Coats, 6/9/15

Thanks Ingrid. 

Great pics.


Elly Mooney, 4/9/15

Thanks so much for that and thanks for today x

You’re the best at dealing with our crazy ideas

Elke Moser, 3/9/15

Thank you Ingrid. All done. Very much appreciated.

Cheers Elke

Kylie (Regalchow), 3/9/15

Thanks Ingrid you’re a legend! much appreciated. Regards Kylie.

Rhonda “Wattavue Dobermans” 3/9/15

Thanks HEAPS Ingrid………lovely photos.



Kylie (Regalchow), 1/9/15

Hi Ingrid, the edited photos look great.  The BOB photo is just awesome and I’ll jump on the site and purchase it. I’m going to order some prints for my self as well as the breeders when I get a chance to have a good look through them all.

Love your work.

Regards Kylie

Stacy Guilfoyle, 31/8/15

Hi Ingrid, thanks so much they are lovely

Penny Windlow, 31/8/15

My pleasure!  Thank you for the beautiful images of my boy.

Kristy Wilson, 29/8/15

Hi Ingrid. I finally got the photo printed off. Thankyou for your time and effort in helping me with the photo!

Nicole Jardine, 25/8/15

Thank you for the lovely photos!

Amanda Maynard, 25/8/15

Check out the official pictures from the Brisbane Royal!
What I love about this photographer, is that Ingrid takes the time to get the win shots right- and then spends considerable time in the ring getting those special shots too! She knows how important everyone’s wins are to them, and so everyone is treated as a superstar on her podium.
She’s all class!
And Scott has a wicked sense of Humour, and was smiling every time I saw him in the ring! These guys love what they do- and the professionalism and quality is second to none!

Tania McAlister, 24/8/15

It was a lot of fun getting all the little black Devils to look at the camera. Let\’s do it again next year :)\r\nTania

Jody Hafey, 24/8/15

Thank you Ingrid,

You are amazing and I do love the photos ..


Jody Hafey

Linda Shaw 24/8/15

Thanks so much Ingrid very much appreciated…..

Linda Shaw 

Karojenbe Yorkshire Terriers

Krisi Murphy, 23/8/15

Thank you for the beautiful photos! My Trixi looks amazing!

Lynelle Smith, 21/8/15

Hi Ingrid.

Could I take advantage of my free A4 print please. I would like Angie\’s podium photo of Best Baby Puppy in Show. Thank you.\r\nThank you so much for the photos. found it very hard to choose.

Colin Sarantis, 21/8/15

Well done on another great job!

You and Ingrid both are to be congratulated as I know how much work is involved in effectively covering such an event as well as you both have!!

Thanks for taking and posting pics of my Pharaoh & Whippets, of which I ordered a couple.

Kind regards

Colin Sarantis

Helen McDonald 20/8/15

Hi Ingrid, love the pictures! Helen 🙂

Angela Dean 20/8/15

Thank you Ingrid for taking the time to get a decent photo.\r\nAngela

Kim Handley, 5/8/15

Thanks so much Ingrid promise not to do that again!! The photos are super as usual love to have these momentos of the day.

Amanda Hayes, 2/8/15

Thank you Ingrid, I love this shot. I\’m thinking I\’ll get it printed in black and white on a canvas in my new place 🙂

Samantha Hedges, Royal Canin, 24/7/15

Thanks so much for the photos Ingrid they look great



Samantha Hedges
PRO Business

Pro Business Manager Australia & New Zealand

Linda Rand, 20/7/15

Thanks Ingrid for accepting my request. I didn’t realise until after Golden Retriever Nationals that you were a member of Digital Imaging Group. Thank you for picture of Pilot and judge Nancy.

Sally Johnson, 20/7/15

will you take my grandchildren… my first born is a bit big

Humberto Guaracy Sarcinelli, 25/6/15

Very beautiful pics ,great job , congrats!!

Krystle Wells, 23/6/15

Thank you so much for the photos I have today I unwrapped the big one and love it. I have taken it to get framed and can’t wait to see it finished

Kerin Hutchins, 22/6/15

Love the photos and especially the ones of Rachel and Sabre bought two and will put this in the new book that is being published to sell in newsagents fir three months and then with DNA for three years on line…

Holly Taylor, 21/6/15

Just about to pop on line and grab some of those last pics you took. Amazing..

Alex Stuke, 21/6/15

Thanks for those photos today. They are amazing

Charlotte Taylor, 21/6/15

Thankyou so much Ingrid. Xxxx

Jo Geschmay, 18/6/15

Hi Ingrid

Thank you for the photos – they are wonderful! From memory you will be there this Saturday at the Junior Kennel Club? If it is raining or we can’t come down – when will be the next time after Saturday?

Kind regards


Josephine Geschmay
Competitive Sections
Senior Secretary
Royal Adelaide Show & Wine Show Division

Pam Kruger, 18/6/15

Great shots. Thrilled. Will cherish. Many thanks, thoroughly enjoyed your company. Regards, Pam

Sally Paterson, 14/6/15

Ingrid there are some Gorgeous pics of Morse winning Jumping up . Confused now going to look on the computer instead of I Pad . You are going to cost me money Woman!

GORGEOUS ones of Morse with his ears forward too.

Barbara Martin, 13/6/15

Hi Ingrid, LOVE the beautiful photos you captured of our gorgeous “Woody”! Thanks SO much for providing Dawn and I with wonderful keepsakes from the two shows.

Aimee Petersen, 12/6/15

I just want to say the Cav show photos look amazing I don’t there is a single dog of yours you haven’t managed to capture a beautiful photo of


There will certainly be a very very large coming.

Holly Taylor, 29/5/15

OMG! Ben got rather excited when he saw that pic of Jimi & shared with his Breeder in Poland! Sorry!
We will DEFINITELY buy it..Best Photos Thank you.

Emma Lloyd, 19/5/15

There really are some excellent photos there!! I have a feeling I’m gonna want all of them lol

Ron & Janette James, 12/5/15, State Dressage Competitions

Thank you for taking such lovely pics, they will be a great reminder of a good day.  This horse had been sick for some time and it has taken a couple of years to get him back to competition, so we really enjoyed your pics.  Please let me know costs and bank details and I will transfer the money.



Bob Douglass, 17/4/15

Simply the best

Cherie Hutchinson 22/4/15

Hi Ingrid, My photos from the welsh show last year have arrived and are just gorgeous. Thank you so much for your beautiful work. Cheers Cherie

Heather Ann Budd, 13/4/15

Hi Ingrid,

Can I please have the photo XXXXXX-XXXX as the replacement photo – it is just super and perfect for Bailey’s Grand boast next weekend – thank you so much for taking the time with us on Saturday – some very special photos. I have purchased the others through the usual manner. Big Hugz and many thanks again. Heather Ann

Nicola Kelly, 7/4/15

Many thanks Ingrid – a lovely photo of Dash and ‘his’ little girl. 🙂

Kind regards

Dee & Nicola


Shelley Piper, 7/4/15

Hi Ingrid,

Thank you, I did manage to get them off okay, thanks for sending them anyway.  You did a fabulous job at the National, hope that our paths cross again one day!

Shelley & Derek Piper

Burragundy Golden Retrievers


Coolah NSW  2843

Jamie Mead, 30/3/15

Thanks so much for all the grand final day pictures, they are great!!

Rowena Trevaskis, 30/3/15

I agree. I get a lot out of the action shots. It can help teach right and wrong ways. Exceptional Ingrid Matschke. History captured professionally.

Lynette Callaghan, 30/3/15

It is great how you capture all the fantastic plays, moments etc Ingrid. We are so lucky to have you in our Club.

Clare Flattum, 17/2/15

Hi Ingrid, Thank you for finding the additional shots for me. If you come across any more, please let me know (I did have five dogs there!) I also found some from last year which I’d clicked as favourites, but then forgotten to buy, silly me. Happy I’ve got them now. I have no opportunities to get decent photos here, so I really appreciate the ones you’ve taken.Thanks.

Cheers, Clare

6/2/15, Vanessa MacGill

Hi Ingrid,

Thank you for taking some wonderful shots of my Ridgebacks – i couldn’t help but buy a heap of them


Thanks heaps,


Mikozi RR’s

5/2/14, Bob Douglas:

Hi Ingrid
Love the photo, thanks so much.  Cheers Bob

4/2/14, Kylie Tilley:

Thanks Ingrid, its a BEAUTIFUL shot!

3/2/15, Michael Ross:

Hi Ingrid,
Julie has just shown me the photo you sent through, really like this photo of Fernando, thank you, very much appreciated, your photos of Fernando always have him looking great.  
Once again than you.

20/11/14, Bel Balchin:

My gorgeous Lucy on Saturday at her first show.  Thank you Ingrid Matschke for the beautiful photos.

20/11/14, Brittany Farrell:

Thankyou :))) love the one of him jumping up

And the photo with all the judges

Will talk to Michael and get him to message you 🙂  thanks Ingrid, some truly beautiful memories

7/11/14, Gail Boyd:

Being our first Nationals and our very first winning photo I am looking forward to putting it up on my wall…..thankyou

27/10/14, Sue Fletcher:

Takk så mye! Elsker bilder, flott jobb Ingrid . (Thanks so much, loved the pictures, great job Ingrid)

Klem Sue

4/11/14,  Kallistar Lyn Lock:

Wow thank you to Ingrid Matschke for taking these lovely photos of the Goldie National. Love the photos showing the more human side of showing, the expressions on the exhibitors faces to the audience (Jill Simmons comes to mind here)’to the lovely candid shots of Goldies and obedience award presentation. And this is only day 1.

4/11/14, Tim and Pauline Kelly re the 2014 Golden Retriever National:


Thank you for the lovely photos of our dogs Murphy and Ned. Purchased some today.

They look great in high res. Thanks for being there and capturing those moments. They are my favourite type of photos, with the dogs on the move and showing the essence of their character.

Thanks again. 

Tim and Pauline Kelly

31/10/14, Elizabeth Mitchel re the Golden Retriever National:

Beautiful photos, thank you Ingrid for your friendly and professional work throughout our special event 

28/10/14, Laurie Westbrook:

Ingrid, all I can say is WOW! The pictures you’ve taken of Caley are amazing! Thank you so much, now to work out which ones to buy…..

9/10/14,  Jodie Delacourt, BIS winner at the 2014 (175 year anniversary) Royal Adelaide Show:

YAY we got our photos!  Ingrid Matschke I got the disk this morning & thankyou so much for the AMAZING pics you took of Daryl from his BIS at Adelaide Royal under breed & Group judge Mr John Reeve-Newson (Canada) and Specials judge Mr John Rowton (Canada). Ingrid you truly captured my boy beautifully and we will treasure these memories forever!!

8/10/14, John Bryson (re 2014 Royal Adelaide Show and Brisbane EKKA features in Dog News Australia):

Hi Ingrid,

Thanks very much for all your help with this, it is always a pleasure working with you.



John Bryson
Top Dog Media
Publishers of
DOG NEWS Australia
The Dog News Australasia Annual
The 2014 Dog News Diary
PO Box 170 Hoxton Park NSW 2171
Tel: Int + 61 2 9607 3721

1/10/14, Michelle Osmetti about the 2014 ASSA (Sled Dog) Nationals:

Awesome photos, thank you so much! Michelle

24/9/14, Wendy King:


This is just a quick email to let you know that I received my photo safely in the mail yesterday.

It is beautiful and so very well packaged and presented.


Wendy King

22/9/14, Mel Jones:

Thank you Ingrid for sharing your wonderful talent of photographing our dogs. xx

20/9/14, Celeste Bryson, Editor, Dog News Australia:

Hi Ingrid,

I hope you are starting to recover from the Royals!

John has the DNA stand at Melbourne. I will ask him about the Adelaide Royal Show order this morning via phone or you can give him a call anytime.  He’s there all day today and tomorrow.

Thanks for the Brisbane photo coverage, it was terrific!



19/9/14, Cheryl Ahchee:

Thankyou for such beautiful photos of our little Miss Dolly. We are absolutely thrilled.

18/9/14, Leslie Mathieson:

Great photos, you are great! thanks Les and Denny

16/9/14, Kerry Hutt:

Thanks heaps for the pic Ingrid.  It looks absolutely fantastic…….”  !!!!!!!!!

Cheers Kerry xx

16/9/14, Peggy Harris:

Thank you INGRID lovely  photos  you do a FABULOUS JOB  and all ways  patience   with everyone , thank you again Peggy and Cooper

16/9/14, Aly Aslin:

Straight to the pool room!!!

Did I mention how amazing you are?? ??????????????????

Love your work!

Kind Regards

Aly Aslin

8/9/14, Guy Hull:

Hi Ingrid, That\’s our little Lita. Thanks for featuring her naughty head. I am very impressed with the care you took of the prints I ordered of Peppi my Pharaoh boy. I never mind paying for quality and service. Cheers, and thank you, Guy Hull.

7/9/14, Rebecca Bonham:

Thanks Ingrid, lovely photo.  Hope to get some more shots over the week. 🙂

3/9/14, Margie Payne:

Hi Ingrid,

Received the photo, thanks for the prompt service. Great photo.


Margie Payne

Research Degrees Advisor:

Candidature (Scholarships)
Graduate Research Centre (GRC)
University of South Australia

1/9/14, Angela – Eishund White Swiss Shepherd Dogs:

Oh just wonderful Ingrid, THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!! I appreciate that so much, it’s beautiful. <3

31/8/14, Caroline Murphy:

Aaah thank you so much Ingrid I really appreciate this, it looks fab XXX

27/8/14, Lydia Sernecki – Golden Retriever Club of SA:

Hi Ingrid,

Thank you so much for sending the photos through … stunning, just stunning is all I can say.  You have a wonderful gift with the camera!

You have been busy with all your orders, but as I said above you have talent and the orders speak for themselves.

Kindest regards and thank you,


27/8/14, Luke Cavanagh (Winner of BIG at the 2014 Royal Queensland Show):

Cool, thank you !!! You are a fantastic photographer… Your ring shots are amazing

25/8/14, July Beeby:

Just wondering if you managed to catch my Dalmatian black spotted Baby Puppy Bitch, which won Best Baby. Even if it is not such a good picture, I\’d love a shot of her. Thanks for the wonderful photos of my boy. 5993 is fabulous.

25/8/14, Veronica Royston – Handler of the BIS winner at the 2014 Royal Queensland Show:

Omg omg omg how awesome Ingrid Matschke you have taken some absolutely stunning pics

25/8/14, Ana Richardson – Breeder of the BIS winner at the 2014 Royal Queensland Show:


OMG your ring shots are fabulous of Diva and Brock on the move, just had a quick glance J.  I have to say great work!!

Ana Richardson

Ellagant Kennels

21/8/14, Ebony Russell:

Thank you Ingrid u have gone above and beyond to help me. I was a horrible subject, being the first ever big win for me and possum lol

20/8/14, Judy Pearce:

I think this photo has captured what the Ekka is all about, having a good time with your fur kids and just having fun.

20/8/14, Cindy Pearce:

Huge thanks to Ingrid Matschke Photography for this fantastic photo. I’ll be sure to purchase my copy very soon!!

20/8/14, Tony Eales:

Thank you so much Ingrid for sharing your magnificent gift with the dog world..


I am so grateful for the incredible photos you gave taken of my kids.. Stew Mason Presley, Marple and Larry.. You have captured some wonderful moments in my dog life and I am very thankful….

18/8/14, Nicole Tindale on her Best Puppy In Show photo from the 2014 Royal Queensland Show (EKKA):