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After having owned and handled Gundogs for 25 years in both Australia and Scandinavia, gaining her Cert IV in Photoimaging and working in her mobile studio for ten years, Ingrid Matschke has become the pure breed dog photography specialist with a solid reputation for professionalism and patience.

Simon Mills, President – Dogs ACT:

I would like to personally thank you along with DOGS ACT for you and your team’s involvement with the EPIC – Advance dog shows. The professionalism you and your team showed was amazing. The feedback we received for the exhibitors about your service is always in the positive. The partnership we have formed over the last couple years is one we hope to continue in the future and definitely for 2018, if you will come!!


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Mobile:   +61 0417 453511  

ABN: 58 937 483 928

Certificate IV – Photoimaging (Centre for Creative Photography)

  Fluent In Swedish  

Above photo credit:  Kerri Afford

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